Friday, June 19, 2009

How hard is it to assemble a Tango T600 kit?

Thomas Greither, our most recent customer, decided to assemble his kit at the Commuter Cars factory. It only took him a few hours one evening and the next morning, and before noon he was driving his Tango side by side with another Tango for nearly 30 miles down the freeway and back.

He simply had the suppliers of the other major components, drivetrain and battery box, shipped to Commuter Cars where it all sat waiting for him to assemble. Not being a mechanic, it was nice for him to have, not only the facility, but also the expertise close at hand for any questions.

Here's what Thomas had to say:

Day one with the Tango.

It is truly exciting to see a car so well built. Quality is the middle name of the Tango. Everything is perfectly executed in the minutest detail. Finally an electric car that is fun to drive, practical, and handles like a go-cart with outstanding acceleration. When you roll the windows down it is like driving a convertible with a sunshade over your head.

Customer receiving instruction on assembly of rear suspension.

Customer installing rear suspension.

Trailing arm with complete drive assembly, now in place; brake lines fitted and brakes bled; drivetrain's pre-wired 8 power cables now connected inside under the seat, panhard bar, and one shock mounted. Only one shock to go and he's ready to install the battery box.

Moving 1,200 lb battery box into place so that Tango body can be lowered onto it.

Lowering Tango onto battery box.

Tightening bots that secure front of battery box to chassis.

And finally, muscling the 5-lb carbon fiber rear bumper into position. 4 bolts to secure it, and ready for test drive.

The test drive down the freeway where customer, for the first time experiences the freedom of a motorcycle with the safety of a race car cage and harnesses.

And finally loaded up to take home to Mt. Shasta California.

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Jerry D. Elmore said...

I'd change the title to "How easy is it to assemble..."

Because that's what it is...if you lead with something that's challenging then you're implying it's challenging.

Just something for positive sales tactics...