Friday, January 15, 2010

Tangos at NAIAS Detroit Auto Show and Ride and Drive

We have two Tangos at the NAIAS Detroit Auto Show which is open to the public starting tomorrow, Saturday January 16 and running through January 24th. One is upstairs on the main floor in a section named Electric Avenue. The other one is giving rides all day in the basement, which has been turned into a test track through a very lush green environment. We welcome anyone to come take a ride in a Tango.



@samwindom said...

Was at the NAIAS today. Please set up a Ustream feed for people to be interviewed after they go for a test ride in the Tango. I'm a fan now, get more buzz out there for this great car!

Anonymous said...

Awesome getting a chance to ride in one at the auto show :-)


Joe said...

Ive seen one of these at work already and I look forward to a closer look!

Tango Electric Cars said...

Where do you work? There are only 11 of them in the world at present.