Sunday, March 14, 2010

Range Update on Headway LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Today we just drove the Tango 103 miles, mostly at 75 mph. Range is increasing slightly as another cycle is on the battery. Following is the status from the BMS at the end of the trip.



Jerry said...

Have you considered the use of Peltier modules to convert temperature changes as a regenerative means to recover heat energy from the batteries?

I'm assuming that ideally placed, cooling air flowing over the modules on the batteries would be a great way to extend the battery life.

Tango Electric Cars said...

There is hardly any heat. Note that the average temperature of the cells is only 34° C (93°F), and that only happened when completely discharging the cells. The heat only rose at the very end of the trip.

When testing short 1,600A discharges for 10 seconds, there was almost no perceptible increase in heat.

Unknown said...

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