Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tango Climbs Mt. Shasta

Thomas Greither, takes a friend up to the end of the road on Mt. Shasta in his Tango. Both are over 6-ft. tall. This photo is at 9,000-ft of elevation. It the first electric car that we know of that's climbed Mt. Shasta. It did this with ease and the round trip only used 35% of the charge. His Tango is now equipped with 1,000 Headway energy cells, 10 in parallel and 100 in series. This gives him 32 kWhrs, which is about 120 miles of 60 mph relatively level freeway driving.

A year ago, when he only had lead-acid batteries, I followed him around Mt. Shasta and visited some lakes. I was driving the black Tango. It was a most memorable experience, as he drives very fast and the windy roads were a blast. We tried to go to top of Shasta that time, but the road was closed half way up.

Following are some photos from that adventure:



Jerry said...

So does this means Pikes Peak is the next challenge for the Tango?

Wink wink...nudge nudge.

Mickey Simple said...

The sky's the limit for the Tango. Go TanGO.

Big Lifted Trucks said...

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Amazing CAR!!

Mobile Truck Repair said...

This is actually some serious performance, I am impressed!

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