Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why the Tango can solve problems that no amount of money invested in public transit can solve!

It is so obvious that single-occupant drivers using side-by-side seating, thus taking up an entire lane on the freeway, is the precise source of traffic congestion, that any 3rd-grade kid can understand it immediately after looking at this graph. Why then are we wasting time and investing $billions in solutions that don't work, when the answer is so simple?

Maybe it's hard to imagine half of all commuters buying narrow vehicles to get to work.

Maybe it's not so hard to imagine that rather than spend taxpayer's $billions for building rail and widening freeways, that for a small fraction of the cost, narrow, freeway-capable vehicles like the Tango could be purchased and leased to commuters to give them the same mobility that they are accustomed to, with better safety, maintaining their private space to store items that they like to keep near them, and all the benefits of a car, yet able to travel at freeway speeds at over double the lane density of cars, instead of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The Tango is the only product in existence that can solve the problem that is so well demonstrated in the above graph.



alke said...

This blog about the Tango electric car is really very interesting. Today it is essential to be able to move in both the citizen and on the highways quickly and smoothly. Definitely a compact car like this is very beneficial. What are its costs and these cars are sold in Europe?

hondafactorypaintsucks said...

Very interesting. I am going to keep an eye on your blog. It sounds like the way to a better future.

Stella Schmitt said...

Great car, great idea. How can anyone not buy this car ? When you have a family then it is the best 2nd car. Go on with this blog.