Friday, August 21, 2009

KCBS San Francisco interviews Marc Geller w/ Tango

Mark Geller with Plug In America was stopped in San Francisco by Mark Seelig, a KCBS reporter. Two news stories came out of it.

There was no photo to accompany the stories, however, here's a photo of a Tango parked on upper Stanyan St., a 30% grade, the steepest in San Francisco. It has a stairway instead of a sidewalk. As scary as it may look, because the center of mass is only 12.25 inches from the ground, it would still take roughly 1,000 lbs of lift to push it over.


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Anonymous said...

I want a Tango but it is way too overpriced and overpowered for ordinary purposes. You are obviously aiming at the rich and nutty market...
You should use thicker aluminium instead of carbon skin and roll cage made with expensive moly steel tubing. It is very important to give a car feeling not a dune buggy feeling.. You can make it a bit wider while maintaining same seating pattern . Your concept is a sold out one! Good prototype but work on more range and reasonable power . Aluminium is a way underrated metal that nobody want to learn how to work with.. Aluminium is great !! Look at Jaguar and Audi , they has the know how already! yes 100% aluminium cars . They are much safer!