Monday, May 3, 2010

More on the Tango and other Automotive X-Prize Teams from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports conducted 3 tests for the Automotive X-Prize Shakedown event at Michigan International Speedway; zero to 60 acceleration, braking, and a double lane change. The Tango is included in this Consumer Reports' video showing acceleration, and blew some minds.
Unfortunately, the Tango went through the evasive maneuver so quickly that Consumer Reports didn't get to the other side of the track fast enough to video what I've heard was the fastest time through the double lane change. We did, however, get video of it. As you can see, this maneuver is rather unremarkable for the Tango.

Yuan Dao of Elite Power Solutions in Phoenix Arizona, supplier of the LiFePO4 cells and battery management system used in the Tango for these events, took these videos. The following is of the Tango on the 40 mile endurance run which it completed much quicker than any other car in the group.



Jerry said...

Great news!

So...when's the book and movie coming out? ^_^

Anonymous said...

Nice ! I liked the "snowplow" video. It's so small and quiet, noone may notice it on the X-Prize track. I know just the solution - this guy can be your passenger. Just give him a megaphone and you'll get more attention in the race:

(just kidding!) Good Luck,