Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tango passes X-Prize Knockout. Consumer Reports, regarding emergency-avoidance maneuver: "And the sleek, fast, orange Tango passed on the first try."

I'm just returning now from a successful completion of the X-Prize Knockout event. Staying in Bismarck ND tonight, I should be back in Spokane Tomorrow. I'll be taking the Tango back to Finals at Michigan International Speedway (MIS) on July 18 through 30th.

During the Shakedown event last month, Consumer Reports captured the Tango in the 0 - 60 acceleration and braking events, but didn't get the the emergency-avoidance (moose test or double lane change, as it's often called), before I had finished it. During Knockout, to the best of my knowledge, the Tango was the only car that passed the test on the first try. This time Consumer Reports had a camera fastened to my windshield. I haven't seen the video yet, but hope to soon. Here is the article just posted today with their photo above. Consumer Reports



Jerry said...

Wow, that's a shocker...haha!

Thanks for keeping us in the loop...I'll definitely be looking forward to the events taking place at the end of July.

It's July already, look how far the Tango has come on a single charge. ^_^

Mickey Simple said...

I was watching on-line. After the amazingly fast trip through the course, the thumbs up and huge grin on the judge's face said it all: The Tango blew away the competition.

Congratulations Rick. TanGO, TanGO, TanGO, TanGO.

Jerry said...

Good luck this week!

May the Force = Mass times Acceleration be with you. ^_^

theeggplanthunter said...

So, how did the finals go? We want the juicy details!!!

And that's a very orange car xD

Tango Electric Cars said...

I'm still traveling back to Spokane, but will post a blog when I get back. In the meantime, I'll state that although we did not win the purse, I believe we won bigger than the actual winners because of the traction and recognition that we got from the Automotive X-Prize.

We never designed the Tango to be the most efficient car in the world. We did design it to be the fastest, safest, most convenient and fun car to drive for roughly 90% of all urban trips. I think we hit that mark better than any car in history.