Tuesday, August 26, 2014

IBM People for Smarter Cities

Click here for short video
This video shows my vision of the future that I had 32 years ago, and started working on full-time over 16 years ago.
Simply observing a pack of motorcycles on the freeway proves that narrow lanes are not required to increase lane capacity with narrow cars, however, what a great incentive it would be some time in the future, as demonstrated in the video.


Bo's Autorama said...

This video was thought-provoking. Certainly a bus does take longer than a car. Other solutions have not been very successful. A special lane for compact cars could reduce the traffic congestion on urban roads. It would also make a car more affordable for someone who typically travels to work, etc. alone.

security guard salary said...

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Unknown said...

Commuter cars are such a great idea. Why not make a cheap car that's sole purpose is to get you around town ? It's genius. http://www.lucasusedcars.com

Tango Electric Cars said...

That's the whole idea Jim. Unfortunately it takes $billions in order to produce in a volume that would bring the price so low that most people would use them. Please see http://www.commutercars.co.nz for more pricing info.

Unknown said...

I love this idea it seems to be a great car. I wish I knew how to get the word out more and how can we get the prices down to poor people like myself. If I ever win the lottery I will by some for my family. I wish I could invest in this now and even build a factory for mass production.

Unknown said...

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