Friday, May 8, 2009

0-90 in 9 Seconds!

Here's a great little note just forwarded to us from Ken Muir, Applied Materials to Paul Scott at

Hi Paul,

Rick Woodbury dropped by Applied Materials yesterday at the request of our manufacturing engineer, William Sallai.

Rick designed, engineered and builds the Tango. George Clooney purchased one a while back.

Bill and I both got to drive this little rocket for about 10 minutes each. I went zero to 90 in about 9 seconds! The looks I was getting from drivers around me were amazing - mostly slack jawed, wondering how in the world that little car was going that fast without making hardly any noise.

According to Rick the Tango produces 1000 ft lbs of torque at zero RPM and I believe him. When I stomped on the accelerator I was smacked to the seat like a bug on a windshield. After the first few seconds, it kicks into second gear and plasters you back into the seat, (where it seems to like to keep you) like the second stage of a rocket just went off. What a blast!

Rick's goal is to produce thousands of these super clean, super fast little cars to get the price down to where just about anyone can afford to own one.

Ken Muir
Applied Materials
Quality Manager - Glass Coating Products
Energy & Environmental Solutions Group
Fairfield, Ca.

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