Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Washington Governor Gregoire Signs Kit Car Bill into Law

Washington State's Governor Gregoire signs kit car bill into law. Washington State Senators Dan Swecker and Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown cosponsored Senate Bill 5719 which allows kit cars to be registered in the State of Washington. Now that this bill has been passed unanimously by the Senate, 97 to 1 in the House, and signed by the Governor, kit cars can be built by individuals with a reasonable set of safety regulations, and don't require air bags and crash testing that previously prohibited kits from being registered without many $millions in engineering and testing.

Thank you Governor Gregoire, the WA State Senate and the House of Representatives for allowing Tango kits again to be registered in the State where they are built!
After signing the bill, Governor Gregoire commented to me that she'd like to drive a Tango.

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