Friday, May 15, 2009

The Tango’s Safety Features

by Rick Woodbury

Many people I speak with voice their concern about the Tango’s safety. It is also my primary concern, which is why we incorporated race car safety in the size of a motorbike.

The Tango has four times more door protection bars than the largest SUV. I might point out too, that in addition to being probably the strongest built car on the market, it can avoid accidents like no other car in history. You can move over, brake, or accelerate out of the way if someone comes into your lane. The cage is certified by FIA for 200+ MPH race cars. It weighs 3,300 lbs which is the same as a mid-sized sedan. All in all, I simply believe it is the safest car that you can drive.

Regarding width, the Tango is about the same width as a police Harley, and exactly 5-inches narrower than a Honda Gold Wing--All the better to lane split with. And, that's a blast! I can say that from experience. So far I've asked 58 California police officers if they would ticket it for lane splitting. At this time it's a unanimous NO! --They say it would have to be done safely, just as it is with motorcycles. I do it all the time when in traffic in SF or LA.

For more information on safety and lane splitting, visit our website: and and click on "Lane Splitting" links

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